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Wreath Extravaganza

1st Annual

You are invited to our first ever Wreath Extravaganza. The Elves and Earl have been busy creating birch bark wreaths and we will soon start working on the evergreens. Each wreath is hand crafted and made with love. Saturday November 18th you are invited to join us for cookies and hot spiced apple juice. While you are here check out all the gorgeous wreaths, sprays, candy canes, crosses and more.

Lynnda's Designer Wreaths
(A branch of Nature)

2017 Wreath & Novelty Price List (Plus Sales Tax)


Finished Size      Ring size      *Base Price           Designer Price

     18"                       8"              $14.95                   $19.95

     24" Door Size     12"             $22.95                   $34.95

     35"                      24"             $34.95                   $49.95

     48"                      36"             $44.95

     60"                      48"             $57.95

Specialty Products with red Velvet bow

  Candy Cane                                        $29.95

  Cross                                                   $29.95

  Tear Drop Spray cones/berries           $12.95

   Small Balsam Kissing Ball 12"         $27.95

   Large Balsam Kissing Ball 36"         $59.95

   Birch Bark Wreath 10" ring starting at  $34.95 undecorated, decorated starting at $39.95

   Birch Bark Wreath 16" ring starting at  $49.95 undecorated, decorated starting at $54.95

   Birch Bark Wreath 24" ring starting at  $74.95 undecorated, decorated starting at $79.95

   Birch Bark Spray starting at  $22.95 with bow

   Birch Bark Swag starting at  $ 29.95 with ribbon

    Note: All of our birch wreaths are created from the forest floor no live trees are used in making these products.


Shipping Available (18", 24"wreaths & Tear Drop Spray only)

shipping charges will include the exact prices determined by the shipper plus a $3.00 charge for the box and packaging. Please note that the wreath can take up to a week to arrive at your destination.

(Prices subject to change without notice)


*Basic Wreaths are made from the freshest Balsam and White Pine boughs grown in Northern Wi.  Each Wreath will be decorated with a beautiful red velvet bow, pine cones and berries.

This Tear Drop Spray has a combination of Balsam and White Pine spiffed up with some cones and berries. The ribbon ties it all together making this a natural looking cluster of boughs.

The farm is littered with beautiful white birch logs that have fallen. The bark is collected washed and torn into strips to make the loops for the wreath. The pine cone flowerets are added for a holiday feel and the plaid ribbon bow brings it all together. This wreath will last for many years.

This is my favorite wreath to make. I call it Nature's Best. Fragrant Balsam and wispy White pine form the base while birch bark, moss, cones and berries add the woodland touch. This one of our designer wreaths that comes in finished sizes of approximately 18", 24", and 35".  The ribbons will vary.

The birch has been very popular and we have added a few more items for Christmas, the cross and the candy cane.

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