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Bashaw Valley Farm All Natural Pastured Pork


  In 2013 Bashaw Valley Farm experimented with home grown pastured pork. We tried our luck with a heritage breed called the Large Blacks which were known for there extensive foraging ability. We had excellent results so in 2014 we doubled our numbers on pigs raised and tried two other heritage breeds called Hampshire and Duroc. 

 Currently all of our pork smoking, sausage and brats will be processed by the Worlds Famous Louie's Finer Meats of Cumberland WI. They are known for there bacon, sausage and brats and do an excellent job. Some of our customers have requested Nitrate free ham & bacon, in which we will have a limited amount available also.


 Our pork is grown with free access to pasture as well as some grain. Pork is different than beef in that the animal has a simple stomach and is not like a ruminant or cow, which means that a pig can not survive on grass alone. We do have to supplement the pigs diet with grains to help them grow. Pasturing does make for a tastier, healthier leaner meat which also has some of the same health benefits as our All Natural Grass-fed Angus Beef.  This pork is also higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids than traditional pork. We offer all of the cuts at our retail store as well as pork by the half or whole.  For more information on pricing go to the pricing page which is under the farm tab or call 715-468-2591.


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