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Beef Philosophy

After reading about how healthy grass-fed beef was for the consumer and attending several conferences on grass-fed beef operations we decided to give this venture a try.  Reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating corn from the animals diet was a big draw.  Corn is one of the biggest users of fossil fuels on this earth.  

There is something right about beef cows grazing on the rolling hill pastures during the summers and calves running with their tails up in the air as the sunsets and the coolness of the evening air slides over the earth.  The cows are excellent mothers and our calves are raised on their mother's milk and grass pastures.  All of our beef animals are rotationally pasture grazed during the summer and fed alfalfa grass hay harvested from our fields during the winter months.  Here at Bashaw Valley Farm fresh air, sunshine and exercise is the number one ingredient to a healthier animal.  None of our beef are raised in confinement.  No antibiotics are used on any of our meat animals and we do not use any growth regulators or hormones.  

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