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What does Bashaw Valley Farm & Storage have to offer?

​   Bashaw Valley Farm & Storage is a family owned & operated retail business which has been in operation for more than 30 years. We specialize in our Homegrown Grass-fed Angus beef, Pastured Pork and Organic Blueberries that are raised right here on our farm, in an earth friendly way.
In the fall and early winter hand crafted birch bark and evergreen wreaths flood the self- serve retail store with fragrance and festivity. The birch bark is harvested from the forest floor and no living trees are stripped of their bark. Each wreath is unique and different just like nature intended.
If you have toys that need stored for the winter or need space for all the little extras we can help! Bashaw Valley Storage offers Boat, RV & Self-Storage with over 150 units in ten different sizes.
     Our on-farm self-serve retail store offers individual cuts of our mouth-watering 100% grass-fed Angus Beef and Pastured Pork. You will find our organic frozen Blueberries waiting for you in one of the freezers. During mid July when blueberry season is in full swing you are welcome to join us for pick your own blueberries. If you would prefer we are happy to pick the berries for you and call when they are ready for you to pick up and enjoy.
We strive to put you the customer first and to provide a relaxing yet rewarding experience while visiting our retail store located on our picturesque family farm.
   Whether it is shopping at our self-serve retail store for some Grass-Fed Angus Beef, picking some mouth watering blueberries or just enjoying the scenery, we welcome each and every one of you to   "Experience"
                      Bashaw Valley Farm & Storage.(Bring the Camera!)

Earl our Mascot!

Where it all began...

The roots of Bashaw Valley are planted deeply on our family farm. We started farming by milking 20 cows in 1981. After several years of dairying we realized that to survive as a family business we needed to explore other business ventures. Linda, having a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture from UW River Falls,motivated us to explore putting a retail garden center on the farm. In 1988 we purchased a used hydroponic tomato production greenhouse from the Hayward area and moved it home. After a couple of years, of highly educational growing and retailing under our belt, we decided to add blueberries. Never taking the easy road, in 1990 we planted one acre of organically grown half-high Northblue Blueberries. After that three more greenhouses and a retail shop were added. We sold the dairy herd in 1995 while transitioning into a beef cow-calf operation and added another business venture. The first of eight storage buildings were built.  In 2009 1/10th acre of Asparagus was added to our certified organic production. In 2009 we also began to direct market our 100% Grass-fed  Angus beef through our self-serve retail store.  In 2011 we took our creativity to a new level by designing  our very own  hand-crafted rusty metal art. Pastured Pork was added to the mix in 2012 to compliment our Grass-fed Angus Beef.
In 2020 everything changed with the caronavirus crisis and the decision was made to discontinue the greenhouse/plant portion of the farm. With the freedom of regaining our spring and summer we will focus more on the farm and storage operations. 

The Degner Family

Steve and Linda,  Kenna and Brandon

and Alyssa


Go Badgers!

Bashaw Valley Farm & Storage believes in producing a quality product at a fair price. Customer service is number one. The close relationship with our environment has led us to going green.  Growing up with a farming background helped us realize  how fragile our environment is.  In our fruit production we use all organic practices including; organic fertilizer, no insecticides or herbicides and lots of old fashioned hard work.  You have no idea how humbling yet rewarding weeding an acre of blueberries by hand is until you have experienced this task yourself. Choosing these growing practices, although a lot of hard work, has led to offering you a healthier product as well as being environmentally responsible along the way.
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