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Today's Herd

Presently the herd is composed of 45-50 Angus Cows ranging in age from two years to thirteen years old.  Two bulls are housed on site so that when the time is right a new generation of Angus calves will be born.  Twenty to twenty-five steers are finished annualy for processing, they live with the horse in a separate pasture.  Thirty five to forty calves are weaned each year, they are kept in the upper coral during the late winter months, where we can keep a close eye on their progress.  This is a closed herd meaning we do not buy cattle from other farms with the exception of the bulls.  The bulls come from the outside because we need to our genetic line healthy.  

During the winter months the calves and the the steers receive large round bales of the best quality grass/alfalfa hay mix we harvest the year before on the farm.  This provides growing bodies.  Our cows receive the more mature hay which helps maintain proper body conditions.  All hay is available 24-hours a day.  

During the summer months our entire herd are rotationally grazed on our grass/clover mixed pastures.  All year long the herd has access to fresh water, minerals and salt.  

Our meat animals are raised to an age of 18 to 27 months depending on weight and rate of maturity.  Then the animals are picked up on the farm by the processor and trailered to the processing plant where they are processed with in 24 hours as humanely as possible.  Although we would like to, we can not do "On-Farm"  processing due to state and federal regulations.  From there the meat dry ages for 10-14 days to enhance the flavor and tenderness.  

 We  are always trying new ideas, curently we are experimenting with extending our grazing season by the use of stock piling forages and planting winter rye as an early spring and late fall option.  
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