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Storage Rates

Unit Sizes Offered     Monthly Rate        Damage Deposit
10'x 10'                      $55.00/M                     $55.00*
10'x 16'                      $65.00/M                     $65.00*

8'x 20'-Shipp. Cont.   $70.00/M                     $70.00*
10'x 20'                      $75.00/M                     $75.00*
10'x 21'                      $80.00/M                     $80.00*
10'x 26'                      $95.00/M                     $95.00*
   10'x 30'                      $115.00/M                   $115.00*   

New for 2017 - 12' x 20'/Extra Lg. Doors $120.00/M   $120.00* (Now Renting)

New for 2017 - 12' x 25'/Extra Lg. Doors  $130.00/M  $130.00* (Now Renting)

New for 2017- 12' x 30'/Extra Lg. Doors  $150.00/M  $150.00* (Now Renting)

(* Note Damage Deposit is fully refundable providing, Leesee has given 30 day notice, unit is undamaged,swept clean and cylinder lock returned after use.)
All prices subject to change without notice. Actual unit size                        
may vary slightly due to building construction.

RV, Boat, Vehicle & Snowmobile Storage
There is a six month minimum lease, with a minimum charge
of $40.00 per month.
To calculate your monthly rate take the total length of your Vehicle, Travel trailer or RV including the hitch and multiply x $2.50 per linear foot. An example would be if your vehicle measures 18' long, you would take 18' x $2.50=$45.00 per/month. All RV's Boats Travel Trailer, Snowmobiles & Vehicles are subject to sales tax of 5.5 %.
Please call for a free quote, questions or pricing.(715) 468-2591
Boat & Pontoon storage rates are as follows-
12' Boat=$250.00/Season               20' Boat=$350.00/Season
14' Boat=$2755.00/Season               22' Boat=$375.00/Season
16' Boat=$300.00/Season               20' Pontoon=$400.00/Season
18' Boat=$325.00/Season               24' Pontoon=$450.00/Season
The Season is generally considered around 7 months long.


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