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Vanilla Strawberry First Editions Hydrangea (#1 container)

$23.95 Regular Price
$17.96Sale Price

Height: 6-7 feet

Sread: 4-5 feet

Shape: Upright

Foliage Medium green

Fall Foliage: Insignificant

Flower color: Wite changing to pink/red

Zone: 4-8

  • Vanilla Strawberry First Editions Hydrangea

    This hydrangea paniculata’s enormous blooms start out a creamy vanilla-white, changing to a soft pink and finally to a ripe strawberry-red. The unique red color lasts for three to four weeks, longer than most hydrangeas of this variety. New blooms keep the multicolored show going throughout the summer and early fall.

    The extra large blooms are held on strong, red stems that cascade later in the season. It’s upright habit and large cone-shaped flowers make it a dramatic addition to the garden. It is especially showy planted in groups in a border.